Questions & Answers

If you’d like to know anything about the timetohelp website or how it works, you should find all the answers below. If you still need help please click the Contact tab above to get in touch with us.

What is the timetohelp website for and what does it do?

The timetohelp website is a directory which will provide a central hub for people looking to find help, support or inspiration in their local community. The site allows groups, clubs, charities and organisations in Lancashire to create a page which is displayed to people using the website

What type of groups can be added to or found on the site?

Any community groups, clubs, charities or organisations can create pages on timetohelp. For example, they could be a local hospice, a homeless charity, a running club, a knit-and-natter group, a Dementia support group, a community gardening group or any type of group at all.

How do I use the search function to find groups and opportunities?

If a search term comes up in the search box it means there are groups on this website that match that search term.  Each of the search boxes works independently from the other. For example, if you search on Borough and Pendle is listed, then selecting Pendle and pressing the Click To Search button will make the directory display all groups within Pendle. Or you can search on Group Type, eg. if Animal Charity is listed you can view all Animal Charities in Lancashire. Or you can search by volunteer / support roles available and view roles across the county. NB! If you are looking for help or support then please don’t select a search term in the Opportunities list as that is for volunteer roles.

You can choose to select multiple search terms, eg.  Borough = Pendle and Group Type = Animal Charity. Or, if you’re looking to volunteer or support a local group you could choose your Borough and the specific role you’re looking for, eg. Borough = Hyndburn and Opportunity = Befriender. Please be aware though that if there are no Animal Charities listed on the site for Pendle then the search will not find any groups.  Similarly there may be no Befriender roles in Hyndburn. As above, this is because each of the search boxes works independently from the other to allow users to view the widest range of groups and opportunities.

How do groups add a page to the website?

It’s very easy to add a page to the website, just click the Add Group tab above to create a page for your group. Enter the required information, press submit and your group page will go live onto the site. 

Can any group or organisation add a page to the website?

Yes, as long as their services are offered free of charge to users. Please view the Use of Site Guidelines here for further clarification.

None of the Group Types are appropriate for our group, can a new type be added for us?

If you’ve read through the Group Types on the Add Group Form and nothing fits, please contact us via the Contact tab above and we can add your Group Type on. Our list is fairly comprehensive but, we expect, is not exhaustive!

We're adding a group but the Support Type we need is not listed, do we choose 'Other'?

If you’ve read through the Support Types on the Add Group Form and nothing fits, you can choose Other for now – or you can contact us via the Contact tab above and we can add your Support Type to our list. Our list is fairly comprehensive but, we expect, is not exhaustive!

Is the site totally free to use?

Yes, it’s free for groups to add their pages and free for people to browse the site. timetohelp is run by volunteers.

Why aren't there any groups in my area?

timetohelp went live at the end of April 2020. We expect it will take some time until groups are added in all areas of Lancashire. If there are no groups in your area yet and you’re active on social media, sharing a link to our website on your Facebook page encouraging groups to add a page (and your friends to share it) will help your local groups find out about us.

Is the site just for Lancashire?

Yes, currently. The system is set up to allow the adding of a new county. If you would like to discuss this please contact us via the Contact tab above.