: Pendle

Who we are and what we do

We offer services which support people in Pendle over the age of 16 yrs, without distinction of sex, political, religious, or other opinions, to change their situations to increase safety and well being and to respond to the use of abuse and violence in families and relationships.

PDVI uses specialist staff and trained volunteers to deliver our services. As well as providing direct services to clients, PDVI is committed to improving responses to domestic abuse through participation in inter-agency work and training

How we can support you

PDVI offers a range of services to clients experiencing Domestic Abuse. All of our services are free and confidential, they are provided by experienced, trained staff and volunteers, and are available for as long as you need or want them.

Everyone needs support at some point in their lives and PDVI is here to support you to make positive and safe choices. Support can be difficult to define because it covers a wide range of activities. When PDVI refers to support it includes:

Helping you to make your own choices, we will never make those choices for you.
Listening to how you feel, and what you have to say about something.
Explaining what options are available and what the outcomes of those options are likely to be.
Explaining what barriers might prevent you from achieving something, and how you can overcome those barriers.
Empowering and motivating you to set and reach your own goals to live safely.
Clients vary in the type of contact that suits them and in the nature of support they need at any particular time. Our services therefore include telephone and face-to-face work as well as varied support groups. All these services are aimed at helping you to plan and act for your own and your children’s safety by enabling you to explore and make sense of your experiences of Domestic Abuse and increasing your control over your own life by:

Safety planning
Offering support
Giving clear messages
Providing information
Advocacy and report writing
You pick your own route through the services depending on your needs and on practical concerns around accessibility.

How to get in touch with us

Contact : 01282 619192
Helpline: 01272 726000
Email pac@p-a-c.org.uk

Donations & Fundraising - danielle.moores@p-a-c.org.uk

How you can help us

Monetary donations are best for us (and safest at present) – to enable us to purchase supermarket vouchers, safety equipment (phones/ alarms/ lock changes etc)