Privacy Policy

Use of this site:

timetohelp aims to give groups, charities, clubs and organisations a completely free, quick and easy way to advertise their group and to find volunteers and support in your local area, and to provide a central hub for people to find and source support and information about groups in their area. All groups who provide services free of charge are welcome to create a page. When you create a group page, the contact details submitted will be displayed so people can understand what your group offers, what support you need (optional) and how to contact you. By submitting the page you are agreeing to us advertising your group information and support needs for you. All groups will be moderated shortly after going live. We may pause your page briefly (stop it showing) if we have any queries and will re-enable it once we’ve contacted you. 


Group commitments:

Group Admins (the person who adds the group) will receive an email as soon as your page goes live (which it will do immediately). We ask you to click the link in the email and check all information on the page is correct, especially contact numbers and emails. We also ask that pages are kept updated, you will receive login details allowing you to do this. If you would like your page paused or deleted at any time just reply to the welcome email to let us know.  We also ask that our groups respond to all who get in touch with you regarding supporting your group. We expect that our groups will follow normal vetting procedures for any volunteer roles shared and undertake due diligence. We do not screen or have any contact with potential volunteers and supporters so cannot be held responsible for their conduct or any issues that may arise.

Data Privacy:  

All group data is securely stored on our site and will never be given, sold or diverged to any third parties. Group admin email addresses will be used as needed to contact you about your page. Your page can be paused, or can be deleted at any time which will remove all of your data from our system.

Site users information (for those who do not create a page) is not stored in any way. 

Contact Form data is not stored on the site – it simply sends an email to us with your query and email address – your email address is needed so we can reply to you.

timetohelp information:

timetohelp website address is and the site was launched on 27 April 2020 by Rachel Kay. It is a completely free service for both groups and supporters, is run by volunteers and receives no financial assistance. If you’d like to know more please click the Contact tab above.


Best wishes, Rachel Kay – Founder of timetohelp